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Welcome to FlexNets - ALOE

FlexNets (Flexible Wireless Communications Systems and Networks) is an open-source research initiative that explores new means for leveraging the flexibility in radio communications. It provides a platform for collaborative research efforts on software-defined radio (SDR), cognitive radio, and similar concepts that promote flexibility in wireless communications.

The mission of FlexNets is easing the design, development, and deployment of flexible radio communications systems and networks. FlexNets provides software tools for sharing hardware and software resources. It facilitates introducing real-time computing resource management approaches and testing them in different SDR scenarios.

FlexNets is divided into several projects:

  • ALOE: Abstraction Layer and Operating Environment (former PHAL-OE - Platform and Hardware Abstraction Layer Operating Environment) is a lightweight middleware that eases the deployment and portability of waveforms on multiprocessing platforms.

=> Go to QuickStartGuide to download and install ALOE latest version

  • FlexWaves: Flexible Radio Waves is a software repository containing waveform modules. UMTS and WiMAX are currently available.
  • FlexCRM: Flexible Computing Resource Management develops a flexible computing resource management framework for managing the distributed and limited computing resources of multiprocessing platforms and the real-time computing requirements of waveforms.
  • aloeUI: Graphical User Interface for ALOE provides a user-friendly control interface for loading and executing waveforms, displaying real-time signal evolution, capturing execution time statistics, etc.
  • ALOEedu: ALOE Education offers educational material on flexible wireless communications, including self-explanatory laboratory sessions.


We are continuously updating FlexNets. If interested, please send an email to and we will inform you about new contents available for download.

This work was supported by the ODISSEY'09 project (CYCIT Grant TEC2006-09109), which was partially financed from the European Union through the FEDER program.