ALOE Middleware Project

The ALOE project develops an open-source SDR framework with cognitive resource management capabilities. Its mission is creating a modular framework that eases the design and integration of software modules (waveform components) and their deployment on multiprocessor execution environments while enabling waveform portability and distributed real-time execution and synchronization. ...


  • 13/12/2010 - ALOE 1.4.5
    • Resource control
    • New ALOEUI platform and waveform visualization

  • ALOE 1.4.2 has been released. Main new features:
    • Soundcard converters interface (using JACK libraries)
    • FFT visualization in the ALOEUI
    • New modules and waveforms: digital modem and performance test waveforms.
  • 1 new ALOE Laboratory session on Computing Resource Management. Go to ALOEedu page for more info.
  • ALOE 1.4 has been released. Main new features:
    • Soft Real-Time: waveform is not killed after a real-time failure
    • ALOEUI: JAVA graphical interface to ALOE (aloeUI)
    • Matlab Simulink Real-Time Workshop ALOE Target: create ALOE components automatically from Simulink models
  • 6 ALOE Laboratory sessions have been released. Go to ALOEedu page for more info.

Download and Install ALOE

More Documentation

  • ALOE SW API Doc: Documentation for the ALOE Software API (component interface).

For more help, please don't hesitate to contact us at or directly at any of ALOE developers (see People)

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